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First Choice for Black Cab Rental

We operate a first class fleet of Black Cabs available to rent to drivers. Out fleet ranges from Tx1s to Tx2s and Tx4s so as to meet all client’s budgets.





What's your pricing?

Don’t worry. We provide competitive pricing for your requirements. Give us a call.

Our Services

Black Cab Rental

Hire one of our maintained black cabs on a basis that suits you. Choose from a range of Tx1s, Tx2s and Tx4s.

Black Cab Servicing

Keep your cab on the road with our servicing options.

Black Cab 6 monthly and annual Checks

Elite Taxi Garage can check your black cab as per 6 month or annual requirements.

Black Cab Body Repair

We can carry out bodywork repairs including through insurance for both fault and non-fault accidents.

Black Cab Spares

We have a large number of spare parts in stock for a variety of Black cab models.

Black Cab Breakers

In need of a second-hand part for your taxi? Call us.

Black Cab Sales

If you’re looking to purchase a black cab, see what we can do to help.

Black Cab Restoration Projects

Conversions and restorations to all black cab models.